This is a work in progress.  Please be patient and if you find anything lacking please submit an issue.

A special thanks to @renarena for help proofreading docs




Main API Calls

Tutorial Videos



Please note, I will generally answer questions within 24 hours, and most times even faster unless I'm on vacation or going on adventures with the family.

Submit an Issue

This is the preferred method if you find an error in the code or something that crashes fEVR.

Start a discussion

For discussing configuration issues or things that bug you (UI tweaks or process improvements)

Matrix Support Space

Telegram Support Channel

For troubleshooting, a quick question, or you just want to say hi!


Main Branch

The main branch is the current release branch. When I do a release on 0.6 it will be merged to here.

0.6 Branch

Each major version will have its own branch. This is the current gold standard for the newest release in 0.6

0.6-dev Branch

This is the development branch for v0.6 Any changes will be added here before being merged with the 0.6 Branch

0.7-dev Branch

This is the development branch for the next version. If it introduces breaking changes, it belongs here.



docker compose is the recommended method to deploy fEVR

GitHub Container Repository (preferred location)

Docker Hub


The following tags are available:


This contains the latest release in the current stable branch


This contains the latest release in the 0.6 branch


Latest development image in the 0.6 branch. This could potentially change a couple times a day when under heavy development.

Bleeding Edge and almost guaranteed to contain breaking changes


I'm starting to release some code on pypi as I break a few things apart for the 0.7 branch. Use at your own risk. It may or may not work as intended for now and breaking changes are certainly coming before this is an official release channel.