Visit http(s)://<fevr_url>/setup

Create admin account

Login to new admin account

Add all of your cameras.

Enter your camera's name as it is defined in Frigate.
HLS and RTSP fields are not yet used, but will be in 0.7

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NOTE: I recommend using an rtsp relay that way you only have 1 connection to your cameras, reducing bandwidth use and minimizing connections to your rtsp devices.

docker-wyze-bridge < uses rtsp-simple-server at its core

Configure Frigate MQTT Settings

Frigate allows you to change the mqtt topic for hosting multiple servers on the same mqtt broker. Unless you have changed this default behavior or have multiple frigate servers on one broker, name this entry frigate and fill in the server's details.

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Other is not populated yet, There are future plans for this page, just click Next again and you'll be brought to the main interface.

Generate API Key for mqtt_client

mqtt_client authenticates with fEVR using a 128 character API Key.

You can generate an API Key from /profile or click on the beard icon to drop down the menu, and click Profile.

Here you can view any API keys you have generated in the past and generate a new one.

There are 3 fields to fill out:
Name: A unique name to identify this key (no duplicates allowed)
IPv4 Address: Not used as of now but required to be a valid IP or network (without cidr notation)

  • Enter to future proof.

Login Count: this can be used to limit the amount of times this API Key can be used. While not used at the moment, it will function as the base of a limited login solution (say one time passwords for law enforcement and the like)

  • Enter 0 for unlimited usage

Configure mqtt_client

Once you have your API Key you can generate your config file for the mqtt_client.

This will be automated further in a future release.